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Sanitize and Clean Carpets and Hard Flooring with a new Steam Mop

Even after wiping up a spill in the kitchen or elsewhere in your home, there can still be bacteria left lurking around, but it doesn't take bottles of chemical cleaners and scrubbing to get rid of them. Just fill a steam mop with water, let it warm up and then mop the surface clean. Dirt or mud caked onto the tile floor of your entryway can be scrubbed away in seconds with a floor steamer from Sears, making a great first impression on guests and visitors. With a floor care bundle, you can be sure to have extra cleaning pads on hand to mop up a spill in a hurry.

Many models of floor steamers can perform multiple functions, making them a valuable and versatile addition to your home cleaning collection. While many homes have separate floor cleaners for hardwood and carpeted flooring, some floor steamers include detachable hand tools for use on curtains, drapes, furniture and even clothing. Advanced designs can go from the kitchen to the living room to the bedroom quickly and easily.

A multi-purpose tool like a steam mop is an essential piece of a versatile cleaning arsenal, taking up minimal space and doing quite a few different jobs. Start sanitizing your floors with a floor steamer from Sears.