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Take Care of Stains and Dirt with Top Load Washers from Sears

You put a lot of time and effort into choosing the right garments for your wardrobe and home furnishings for the bedroom and living room, and an efficient top load washer can extend the life of clothing, bedding and more. Paired with the right dryer, a top-loading washer will simplify laundry chores. Whether you are washing a small load of delicates for work or piles of sheets and blankets for every room of the house, caring for fabrics is easy with a versatile top-load washer from Sears.

Features of Top Load Washers

Top load washers are known for their convenience and simplicity of design, making them a popular choice among consumers. They accommodate a variety of fabric types and are equipped with user-friendly controls that allow for easy operation. With innovative features such as advanced water efficiency and multiple wash cycle options, these machines meet the dynamic laundry needs of families.

Top Load Washers with Impellers

Impeller-equipped top load washers are a testament to modern laundry innovation. They are designed to optimize water usage while delivering a thorough clean. Unlike traditional agitators, impellers use a low-profile plate to generate turbulent currents within the wash drum. It can effectively and gently rotates clothing through the water and detergent for an efficient cleaning cycle.

Top Load Washers with Agitator

Top load washers with agitators are known for their robust washing action that is particularly effective on heavy and soiled garments. The central agitator moves clothes in the water and detergent, dislodging dirt with ease. Known for their traditional design, these machines cater to consumers looking for familiar functionality and straightforward use.

Load Capacity

One of the key advantages of top load washers is their diverse load capacities in the range of up to 4cu. ft. or 4 to 4.5cu. ft. or 4.6cu. ft. and more. They can handle more laundry per cycle compared to front load washers, making them an ideal choice for families with a lot of laundry. With a larger capacity, you can reduce the number of loads and save time and energy in the process.

Make Sears Your Shopping Companion

Choose from classic black, white or metallic finishes to match your dryer and other home appliances for a coordinated look from the kitchen to the laundry room. Stock up on compatible high efficiency detergents that will leave your garments smelling fresh and clean. Outfit your laundry room with a new top-load washer or a front load washer from Sears.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why to choose top load washers?

Compact top-load washing machines are ideal for smaller spaces, like cramped laundry rooms or cozy apartments. Busy moms and dads who do laundry for bigger households will appreciate the larger wash basin capacity of a more spacious model. Regardless of the style, the range of wash cycles available on top load models can gently clean and preserve a wide variety of fabrics and materials.

Are front load or top load washers better?

Front load washers are typically more energy-efficient and use less water than top loaders, but require bending down to load and unload laundry. On the other hand, top loaders are generally more traditional, allowing for the addition of clothes mid-cycle and often offer a shorter wash cycle. A study of top load vs front load washers will show the benefits of each type.