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Create an Efficient Laundry Routine with a Twin Load Washer from Sears

Handle large loads of clothing, towels and bed linen quickly with the twin load washers from Sears. Choosing the right washing machine for your household is definitely life-changing, ensuring you have an effective yet smooth laundry experience. These double load washers are perfect for households with two or more members, and especially if you have kids.

A workhorse of a machine

Maximize efficiency with the twin load washing machine which is a great way to wash two separate loads of laundry simultaneously, saving you effort, time and space. These dual load machines are extremely user-friendly yet powerful, giving your delicates, hand washables and workout wear the special care they deserve.

Sears houses a variety of twin load washing machine brands like LG and Samsung, equipped with many powerful features such as six distinct cycles to customize your cleaning preference, Smart Diagnosis for quick troubleshooting, energy-saving options, and much more that keep power costs down while still providing quality performance.

Dual wash machines like the LG TWINWash Mini lets you run small loads as often as you like. You can even do several loads a day for essential items like baby wear or daily items. The machine also has intuitive Dial-A-Cycle controls and LED display that help you find the right setting. The NeveRust wash tub is made of durable stainless steel, avoiding nicks that can snag fabrics.

If you have a lot of clothes to wash, or if you want to cut cost on water by washing your clothes in bulk, a twin load washing machine is the way to go.