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Culligan SW-2A Water Filter Housing Wrench, 3/4-Inch - Quantity 6

$43.80 21% in Savings

Culligan SW-2A Water Filter Housing Wrench, 3/4-Inch - Quantity 6
Sold by Ron's Home And Hardware
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Culligan 4008174 Faucet Mount Replacement Faucet Water Filter for CFM-300CR & CFM-300WH Series

$33.96 51% in Savings

Culligan 4008174 Faucet Mount Replacement Faucet Water Filter for CFM-300CR & CFM-30...
Sold by, Inc.
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Purify the Water You Drink with Countertop Water Coolers

Countertop water coolers are available in two types. Tankless water coolers are fed by a supply line attached to the cold-water line under your sink. They're designed to deliver instantly clean water for drinking or cooking. Tank-style water coolers are filled from the faucet. The water passes through the filter and enters the tank. Tankless coolers typically offer a higher level of filtration, so if your water smells and tastes bad, then one of these integrated coolers is a good choice. Countertop water coolers with a tank offer portability. You can fill the cooler and place it in the refrigerator. You can take it with you to the park or the campground. Both types have filters that need to be replaced on a schedule to keep the water flowing and to maintain a high level of filtration. Sears has replacement filters for all of the coolers we sell and many more too.

If you have a softener to treat hard water, we have the water softener accessories you need to keep it performing as it should. Salt is the basic ingredient required, and we have it in single bags as well as pallet loads that can be shipped to your home or picked up at a local Sears store. If your softener filters water, you'll find the replacement filters you need right here. Softener cleaner from Sears will remove dirt that can reduce softening quality and eventually damage the system.

A new water softener can make a wonderful difference in your home. Softened water is better for your skin, and it increases the effectiveness of soaps and detergents. Our lineup of water softeners includes models with prices to meet your budget. If you're concerned about the amount of energy and water you are using, choose one of the more efficient models from Sears. They use less of both during recharge cycles and conserve salt too. The higher cost will be quickly recouped through lower utility and salt bills.

A faucet-mounted water filtration system gives you instantly purified water with the flip of a switch. Faucet mounts can be turned off to save the filter when it's not needed. They come in black, white or silver to match your kitchen's appliances. Single-stage and multistage filtration systems give you options based on the condition of your water. A water-testing kit from Sears will identify impurities in your tap water. You'll know what type of system is needed to remove them. We carry replacement filters for faucet mounts as well.

If you want the peace of mind you and your household are drinking clean water, Sears can help. We carry countertop, faucet-mount and whole-house filtration systems and replacement filter cartridges. Make Sears your choice for water treatment products that deliver clean, soft water you?ll be very comfortable using.