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Filter out Sediment, Chlorine and more with Under-sink Water Filters

Take control of your home's drinking water with under-sink water filters. Whether you're dealing with rust, sediment or chlorine, installing a quality filtration system from Sears can reduce a number of common contaminants. To fill your glass with cold water straight out of the tap, install temperature controlling faucet mounts or under-sink water coolers in the kitchen. Combination coolers and filters are also available to meet both needs at once. Enjoy access to fresher tasting, colder water with under-sink water filters and coolers.

Choose from a variety of filter types to tackle specific odors and contaminants. From sanitizing UV radiation filters to chlorine-reducing carbon absorption models, you'll find the right filters and replacement cartridges for the job. To reduce dissolved inorganics, install an ion exchange filter. Help keep microorganisms out of your water glass with an ultrafiltration system. Reverse osmosis filters help remove many common contaminants and require minimal maintenance, making them ideal for general use.

To reserve filtered water for drinking only, choose under-sink filters that come with auxiliary faucets. To extend the time between cartridge replacements, try using the main tap for washing dishes and the extra faucet for drinking water. In addition to placing a filter under the kitchen sink, consider stationing refillable water coolers throughout the house for easy access. Rather than stocking up on bottled water, save space with under-sink water filters from Sears.