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Get a Refreshing Glass of Water with a new Water Cooler

Setting up a water cooler in the break room will give the whole office access to healthy filtered water. You can find a variety of models with options that will be perfect for any space. Bottleless water coolers connect directly to the water supply. This type of cooler can help reduce waste by eliminating the need for large plastic jugs. Sears will help you find water cooler parts and filters for your specific model of water dispenser.

Modern water coolers have more capabilities than older models. Sears carries dispensers that can use the water reservoir to make coffee with prepackaged pods, so you have an alternative to the break room coffee maker. A single serving coffee maker incorporated into the water cooler will let everyone make their favorite cup of joe. Countertop water coolers are the perfect unit for small offices or homes without a fridge water dispenser

A convenient water cooler will see use every single day. It will fill up water bottles before practice and help you cook up your oatmeal for breakfast at your desk. Having a cup of crisp, cool water a small luxury you can enjoy every day. Shop at Sears for the best water dispenser for your space.