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What are Energy-Efficient Air Conditioners?

Energy-efficient air conditioners cool your home while using less energy to operate, making them more affordable to run. An air conditioner’s seasonal energy efficiency ratio rating (SEER) shows how much energy it uses over the course of a typical season. Currently, most residential air conditioners in the U.S. must have a SEER 13 or higher. Models with an Energy Star® qualification for energy efficiency have a minimum SEER of 14. Replacing your old air conditioner with a newer, energy-efficient model could significantly reduce your cooling costs. Some models have additional benefits like fan-only options for nighttime use or timers that regulate when the air conditioner runs.

Benefits of energy-efficient air conditioners

  •  Use less energy than other models of air conditioner
  •  Save on energy costs during warmer months
  •  Have features like timed operation prevent the air conditioner from running when it's not needed