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Product Insight: Bosch 800 Series Electric Cooktops


Bosch 800 Series Electric Cooktops

Far from typical, these cooktops accommodate virtually any size pan, offer precise heat settings, a built-in timer and safety features. A stunning stainless steel finish gives them a high-end look that's also easy to maintain.

Common Features and Benefits

800 Series 30" Electric Cooktop - #40339 (Frameless), #40183 (Stainless Steel Frame)

800 Series 36" Electric Cooktop - #40409 (Frameless), #40483 (Stainless Steel Frame)

Speed Boost: Delivers more power to the element than previous Bosch cooktops to speed up the cooking process. Ideal for making water boil quickly.

Bridge Element: Accommodates oblong or oversized pans and griddles.

PreciseSelect: Offers 17 temperature settings for precise control.

Dual Element: Gives you the capability to use multiple pan sizes.

Heat Indicator: Two-level heat indicator lets you know if the cooktop is warm or hot.

Countdown Timer: Each element has a built-in timer, which can also be used as a general-purpose kitchen timer.

Child Lock: Prevents the cooktop from being accidentally switched on and locks the temperature settings when the cooktop is in use.

Stainless Steel Frame Option: A popular, high-end look that is smudge-resistant and easy to maintain. (Available on items #40183 and #40483.)

Ask an Expert

Can these electric cooktops be placed over the top of a Bosch wall oven?

Yes, all of these cooktops can be installed over the top of a Bosch wall oven to complete yourcooking suite.