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Product Insight: Kenmore Elite 36" Gas Cooktop


Kenmore Elite 36" Gas Cooktop

The new Kenmore gas cooktops are designed with front-mounted knobs, providing you with easier access to the controls. The controls also take up less space, which allows more overall grate area for a less crowded cooktop and a sleeker, more up-to-date look.

The recessed design and sealed burners on these new Kenmore cooktops help to ensure easy cleanup. And Kenmore Elite models offer the new 1,100-20,000-BTU Turbo Boil Flex™ burner, which combines rapid heating and boiling with smaller flame options for precise simmering and warming.

Product Details

Kenmore Elite 36" Gas Cooktop - Stainless Steel

20,000-BTU Turbo Boil Flex Burner - Located in the center of the cooktop, this is the most powerful Kenmore dual burner ever! It can heat quickly and bring a pot of water to boil with blazing speed, then lower to a slow, precise simmer with ease. The flame adjusts to fit virtually any cooking need.

Cast Metal Front-Control Knobs - Provide easier access to controls, and you don't have to reach over or across the burners to make adjustments. The knobs also take up less space, which allows more usable space for you to cook.

Three-Piece Full-Width Continuous Cast-Iron Grates - All Kenmore and Kenmore Elite models feature full-width continuous cooktop grates. They allow you to easily slide a pot or pan from one burner to another without having to pick it up and reposition it.

Reversible Griddle Included - New Kenmore Elite gas cooktops come with a reversible griddle, which is ideal for making pancakes, French toast or multiple grilled sandwiches. (Recommended for use on the left two burners, set at the same power level.)

Additional Features

  • 9,500-BTU Left-Front Burner
  • 12,000-BTU Right-Front Burner
  • 9,500-BTU Left-Rear Burner
  • 5,000-BTU Right-Rear Burner

Ask an Expert

Is this cooktop difficult to clean?

This cooktop is designed to make cleanup a breeze! The recessed design helps to contain spills and splatters and keep them from spreading. Sealed burners offer a protective barrier to help prevent food and grease from falling below the cooktop surface, so messes stay where they're easy to reach and clean. Also, the continuous cast-iron grates are dishwasher-safe!