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What are Dual Element Burners?

Dual element burners are single smoothtop burners which offer various sizes to match differently sized cookware. Instead of having a one-size-fits-all cooktop, you can customize each cooking task with the right amount of heat. The inner circle is perfect for smaller pots and pans while the outer circle is accommodating for your larger cookware, like frying pans and stock pots. Typically, the inner circle is 6 inches in diameter and the outer circle is 9 inches in diameter. Both heat elements can vary in diameter depending on the model. Some electric cooktops may even have a triple element burner that offers three element sizes to accommodate your culinary expertise.

Uses of a dual element burner.

  • Saving energy by using a smaller heat source for smaller cookware.
  • Maximizing stovetop space by combining multiple sizes of cooking surface in one burner location.