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What is Downdraft Ventilation?

Downdraft ventilation is a type of ventilation in cooktops and kitchen ranges that pulls cooking fumes and smoke downward. A downdraft ventilation feature is a substitute for a traditional range hood that sucks smoke and steam upward. In addition to ventilating gas and electric stoves from fumes and smoke, a downdraft cooktop offers a modern look in an updated kitchen. The sleekly designed cooktop even allows room for extra cabinets where you would typically place a range hood.

Uses of a downdraft ventilation system

  • Removing dangerous smoke and fumes from cooktops
  • Replacing a range hood with additional cabinet space in a small kitchen
  • Ventilating smoke and steam from a cooktop on a kitchen island where there isn’t a range hood
  • Recirculating air after removing odors and moisture (some models)