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What is a Dishwasher Quick Rinse Cycle?

The quick rinse cycle is a brief pre-wash option in your dishwasher that doesn't require dishwashing detergent. This rinse cycle is an option in about half of dishwasher models. The cycle uses warm water to remove excess food particles and caked-on stains before the cleaning cycle. This way, you don't have to manually rinse your dishes in the sink before loading the dishwasher. You can run the quick rinse cycle immediately before washing your dishes, or you can use quick rinse as an individual cycle. The quick rinse is also a great way to rinse new dishes or glasses that don't need a full wash.

Uses of a quick rinse cycle

  • Reducing the need for hand-washing to remove tough food buildup
  • Avoiding an overflow of dirty dishes in your sink
  • Rinsing new dishware and stemware before your first use