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How to Organize a Chest Freezer

When it comes to capacity and freezing power, deep freezers are hard to beat. With such a large space to hold frozen food, you can store your food in a way so you can easily find what you need when grabbing meal ingredients. With simple guidelines to organize your deep freezer, you can count on efficient meal planning and easy ingredient retrieval.

Label your frozen foods

Label each bag or tub of food with the name of the food item and the date it was stored. Doing so will help each member of your family to know exactly what's what, and it will also serve as an organizational system to help make sure older items get used up first.


Put an inventory list on the freezer

Make an inventory list and attach it to the outside of your freezer. This list will help you keep track of all the items in your freezer. As you deplete items, simply cross them off the inventory to stay current.


Remember "first in, first out"

Place older items near the front or top of the bin so that you will use them first. This way, you can stack the most recently preserved foods on bottom and only take items from the bin containing older items, which should rest near the top.


Organize foods in bins

Separate your foods in stacking plastic bins. Organize by food type, placing meats in one bin and vegetables in another, to minimize cross contamination. This also helps you find a certain food item faster.


Freeze foods in a space-saving way

Freeze foods in a way that minimizes the space they take up. Liquids should be frozen in bags lying flat. For storing solid food, rectangular storage bins fit the corners of your fridge better than round containers, which can create wasted space.