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Product Insight: Craftsman Portable Infrared Heater


Craftsman Portable Infrared Heater

Craftsman is introducing the first infrared portable heater designed specifically for the workshop, garage, barn or basement.

Product Details

Craftsman Portable Infrared Heater

1,500-Watt Infrared Heater - Infrared is a safe, effective way to heat. It's used in hospitals, spas and health clubs to provide a healthy, comfortable heating experience.

Automatic Thermostat - You can set the thermostat to your desired temperature and the heater will hold the temperature by automatically turning on and off.

Integrated Carry Handle and Rugged Construction - Provide portability so you can easily take the heater wherever it’s needed.

120V Power - Plugs into any standard 120V outlet so you can use it virtually anywhere. This makes the heater more convenient than 220V or propane heaters.

Safety Features - The heater includes tip-over control, "safe-to-touch" design and overheat auto-shutoff.

Ask an Expert

How large of an area can this heat?

This infrared heater is great for spaces up to 500 sq. ft. It has three fan speeds and provides a strong stream of heated air. It's great for whole-room heating in the home as well as garages, workshops and more.

How does infrared heat work?

Infrared heat works by heating objects rather than the air. Over half of the energy emitted by the sun is infrared heat. Like the sun, infrared heaters use wavelengths to emit heat, which are then absorbed by the body. The wavelengths are also absorbed by humidity, which has a relatively even distribution from floor to ceiling. This causes a nearly perfect distribution of the heat.

Does the heater get hot to the touch?

The front hot air outlet grill will get hot. The rest of the heater will remain cool to the touch.

How long will it take to heat a room?

Depending on room size, insulation, ceiling height, outside temperatures, etc., a 300-500 sq. ft. space can feel warmer in as little as 15 minutes. In an uninsulated garage or workshop, heating ability will be limited by outside temperature.

How long do the heating elements last?

The heating elements are PTC and never burn out or need replacement. If you have any problems with the heater, call the manufacturer directly at the 888 number provided in the Use and Care Guide.

Is there a filter I need to change?

There is a lifetime air filter on the back of the heater. This must be cleaned according to the directions in the Use and Care Guide, or performance could suffer.