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Product Insight: GE 30" Freestanding Ranges

GE 30" Freestanding Ranges

GE 30" Freestanding Ranges

GE® freestanding ranges provide power and convenience in the kitchen. Whether you prefer cooking on electric or gas ranges, GE has a solution. With additional features including Power Boil elements, convection cooking or an integrated griddle, you're sure to find a model that matches your cooking needs.

Product Specifications


30" Freestanding Electric Range - #89202  (Slate - #89207)

Two "9/6" Power Boil Elements: Two powerful elements boil water 25% faster than standard GE elements and adjust to fit cookware.

Self-Clean Oven: Cleans the oven cavity without the need for scrubbing.

Dual-Element Bake: Upper and lower elements produce even heat and great results.

Ceramic Glass Top: Smooth cooktop easily wipes clean.

Removable Full-Width Drawer: For storing cookware or kitchen accessories.


30” Freestanding Electric Range - #89213 (Slate - #89217)

12"/9" Dual Element: Two heating elements in one offer flexibility.

9"/6" Power Boil Element: Produces rapid, powerful heat and will adjust to cookware of
different sizes.

Convection: You can get even baking results without turning the pan.

Self-Clean Oven: Simplifies oven cleaning.

Fifth Element Warming Zone: Provides a low heat to keep your foods warm without overbaking.


30" Freestanding Gas Range - #89592

13,000-BTU Burner: Delivers a wide range of heat output, so it's ideal for most
cooking requirements.

Precise Simmer Burner: Delicate foods won't burn with low, even heat.

Sealed Cooktop Burners: Contain spills and make cleaning quick and easy.

Black Matte Steel Grates: Gives you a high-end look with a durable, matte coating.

Standard Clean Oven: Smooth surface makes it easier for you to clean it by hand.

30" Freestanding Gas Ranges

30" Freestanding Gas Ranges - #89612
 (Slate - #89617)

Edge-to-Edge Cooktop: The large cooking surface gives you extra room for pots and pans of all sizes. It also makes it easier for you to slide cookware from burner to burner.

Extra-Large Integrated Nonstick Griddle: Simultaneously cook up to six grilled cheese sandwiches on this large integrated griddle.

15,000-BTU Power Boil Burner: Delivers high heat for fast boiling.

Center Oval Burner: Ideal for griddle cooking.

Steam Clean: Saves time and effort, no special kits or extra steps are required.

Check It Out

Don't miss these upgrades from previous GE freestanding ranges! The edge-to-edge cooktop on items #89612 and #89617 makes it easy for you to slide pots and pans on and off the burner, and it's great for cookware of any size. Plus, the griddle can be used for multiple grilled sandwiches, pancakes and more.