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Range Door Won't Unlock? All the Easy Fixes You Need to Know

Range Door Won't Unlock? All the Easy Fixes You Need to Know


A locked oven door is a common problem most people encounter with their ranges. The door typically locks up after self-cleaning or when you disable either the control lock or child lock modes. Regardless, there is no need to worry. Our friends at Sears PartDirect have two easy solutions that should help fix this issue.

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Potential Fixes

Replace the Door Lock Assembly


When there is an issue with your range's door, the door lock assembly is the first place you should check. If the the door won't lock during the self-clean cycle or won't unlock after self-cleaning, the assembly is most likely broken. It should also be replaced whenever the child lock-out isn't working.

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Oven Door Lock Assembly

Electronic Oven Control Board

Replace the Electronic Oven Control Board

The electronic oven control (EOC) board is located in the control console, which typically has a digital clock on the front. This part controls everything from timing to oven functions like baking and broiling, but it also can keep the door from locking or unlocking. The EOC board should be replaced if it doesn't light up or send proper voltage to the bake or broil element in an electric oven or to the burner in a gas oven.

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