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What is a Broiler?

A broiler is part of an oven or range that offers a direct, high-heat setting using a cooking element positioned above the food. A broiler cooks food quickly, so using this heat source to prepare a meal requires constant attention so you don't overcook or burn your food.

Typically, broilers only have one setting. Broiling cooks food similarly to grilling, using temperatures ranging from 325 to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. When you place food on a rack closer to the heat source, the temperature will be higher. Broilers are available in both gas and electric ovens. Broilers are sometimes found in completely separate compartments below standard ovens, though they are commonly located on the oven ceiling.


Uses of a broiler

  • Melting and browning cheese
  • Browning the tops of casseroles, appetizers and side dishes
  • Cooking meat rapidly while locking in flavor
  • Charring the top of food for a caramelized or glazed finish
  • Toasting bread, bagels and more