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What is a Range Hood?

A range hood, sometimes referred to as an exhaust hood, is a ventilation device above your cooktop that pulls smoke, moisture and cooking odors out of your kitchen. A fan helps pull the air upward to remove the smoke and steam, which will prevent your fire alarm from going off accidentally. When the fan pulls the steam upwards, the hood traps excess grease that would otherwise create a thick film on your walls, cabinetry and appliances. At the same time, odors are ventilated through the system, minimizing or eliminating unpleasant smells from the kitchen. As they ventilate, range hoods also pull away some of the excess heat, helping to make your kitchen more comfortable.

There are two main ways range hoods work. Most range hoods vent to the outside, but others recirculate air using filters that can help remove odors and trap grease without ducts leading outdoors. While range hoods with external ventilation are more effective, recirculating range hoods are beneficial when venting outside is not an option.

Uses of range hoods

  • Removing smells associated with cooktop cooking
  • Minimizing heat from range use
  • Pulling steam and smoke away from you while you cook
  • Preventing heavy buildup of grease in the kitchen