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What is a Self-Cleaning Oven?

A self-cleaning oven is an oven or range with a feature that, as the name suggests, allows the oven to clean itself. The self-cleaning feature runs the oven at an extremely hot temperature for several hours in order to burn off debris and grease stuck on the interior walls. Because the self-cleaning oven uses heat instead of harsh chemical cleaners, this method can be considered a safer way to clean your oven.

When used sparingly, a self-cleaning oven can improve the energy efficiency of your oven or range, as the insulation that keeps the extreme heat inside the oven during self-cleaning also helps trap typical cooking heat. However, if the self-cleaning cycle is used too frequently, this mode's high energy usage may cancel out the extra efficiency and utility savings.

Uses of a self-cleaning oven

  • Removing grease buildup from the walls and floor of an oven
  • Eliminating smoke and smells from leftover debris when an oven is in use
  • Preventing the use of potentially harmful cleaners in your oven
  • Insulating the oven for better energy efficiency during cooking