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Appliances 101: What is Black Stainless Steel?

What is Black Stainless Steel?

Take your kitchen to the next level with black stainless steel. Made with same components as stainless steel, black stainless also has a protective coating of polymer for a sharp, matte-black finish.

Strong and durable, this material features a rich, dark color that fits perfectly into a kitchen featuring other black or dark appliances and countertops. 

With more of a matte look and finish, black stainless steel can resist smudges and marks much better than regular stainless steel. The matte surface is less reflective and adds a suave, contemporary feel to the interior of your kitchen.

Benefits of Black Stainless Steel for your Appliances

  • Creates a sleek look - It enhances your kitchen interiors with a sophisticated and cutting-edge appliance finish.

  • Spotless exterior – Unlike other materials, black stainless steel is less prone to smudges and fingerprints.

  • Easy to clean - All you need is a soft cloth and warm water to remove any stains or smudges.

  • Magnetic - Magnetic-friendly surface let's you put up decorative magnets, photos or even stellar report cards.  
Kenmore Elite Black Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliance Package