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10 Cool Refrigerator Innovations

By Our Friends at Sears Home Services

If you thought in-door ice makers were fancy, you ain't seen nothin' yet. From French doors to antimicrobial drawers, here are 10 cool fridge innovations that will knock your socks off.

1. French Doors

Also called armoires, these bottom-freezer models feature spacious fresh food compartments with two side-by-side doors that open up like the doors of an armoire to reveal a spacious interior wide enough for cookie sheets, platters and the odd turkey or two.

2. Four Doors

These are armoire refrigerators with two separate slide-out bottom freezer compartments, which are great for those who tend to store a lot of frozen food but still want the convenience of the armoire style.

3. Internal Water Dispensers

Love the convenience of getting purified water from the fridge but loathe the dispenser messing up the exterior’s clean lines? Enter the internal water dispenser. You get your clean lines and your clean water.

4. Fresh Food Storage Drawers

On an armoire fridge, this is a drawer that slides out beneath the main doors but above the freezer. It’s great for fresh food you want to quickly access.

5. Grab-N-Go Doors

For quickly grabbing food on the go, think of this feature your fridge within a fridge. Exclusive to Kenmore®, the Grab-N-Go door is a separate compartment that’s accessible from the exterior of your fridge with the simple push of a button. Store your most-often-used items within this door and you won’t have to open your main refrigerator door as frequently, letting cold air escape in the process. This compartment is also accessible from inside your fridge, making it easy to fill with your favorite goodies.

6. Tilt-and-Take Drawers

Another Kenmore innovation, these bottom freezer drawers glide out and tilt for easy access. They’re especially great if you have a bad back — less leaning and crouching to see what’s in the freezer.

7. New Ice Options

Margaritas, anyone? Kenmore Elite fridges offer shaved ice in addition to the standard cubed and crushed options. Slim in-door ice makers are becoming widely popular because you get all of your ice as well as 100% use of your freezer’s top shelf.

8. Digital Temperature Control

Forget dials. With electronic touchscreens, now you can digitally program the temperature of six separate areas within your fridge and freezer for optimal storing of cheese, deli meats, fruit, produce, cold beverages and frozen foods.

9. Refrigerator-Freezer Drawers

Deconstruct a traditional refrigerator and this is what you get: a square box that consists of just two drawers. No main fridge compartment — just one deep slide-out drawer for fresh food and another for frozen food. These drawers are great for supplemental storage, bar areas or rec rooms.

10. Antimicrobial Drawers

Tired of celery turning to mush and zucchini growing fur too quickly? Enter Microban in Kenmore fridges — crispers with built-in technology that inhibits bacterial growth, stains and odors.




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