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Product Insight: Kenmore Elite Smart Refrigerator

Kenmore Elite Smart Refrigerator

Kenmore Elite Smart Refrigerator

The Kenmore Elite® Smart Refrigerator combines modern convenience with intelligent technology to make life easier! You can conveniently access your refrigerator settings from a smartphone or tablet anytime, anywhere. It makes worries like power outages and leaving the freezer drawers open a thing of the past.

Product Specifications

23.7 Cu. Ft. Kenmore Elite Smart Refrigerator 
(White - #75042) (Stainless Steel - #75043) (Black - #75049)

23.5 Cu. Ft. with Grab-N-Go™ Door
(Stainless Steel - #75053)

Control Temperature Settings from Anywhere: You can use your smartphone or tablet to monitor and change the temperature of the refrigerator and freezer compartment.

Door Open Warning: When the refrigerator or freezer is left open for more than 60 seconds, the Kenmore Smart Refrigerator sends an alert to your smartphone or tablet.

Convenient Reminders: The Kenmore Smart App notifies you two weeks before it’s time to change the water filter or the CleanFlow™ air filter. This gives you time to purchase the filter so you can replace it when you’re notified. The Kenmore Smart App even takes the hassle out of identifying the correct filter by directly connecting you to the source for a replacement purchase.

Peace of Mind: If the Smart Refrigerator experiences a power outage or performance errors, the Kenmore Smart App lets you know there’s a problem so you can take action to prevent food spoilage.

Remote Support: The Kenmore Smart App can connect you with a technician to help troubleshoot and diagnose any errors or issues.

Accela Ice™: You can use your smartphone to activate this feature, which produces more ice for entertaining, without leaving the party.

Energy Management: Smart Control has an array of energy management features that will help you conserve energy and monitor how much energy is used.

Counter-Depth Design: You can save space in your kitchen and achieve a sleek, built-in look.

GeniusCool™ Technology: Combines digital temperature control, electronic sensors and multi air flow to provide optimum temperature performance.

Linear Compressor: This efficient design helps provide just the right amount of cool. The compressor quickly responds to ambient temperature changes to keep the refrigerator and freezer temperatures more consistent, so food stays fresh.

CleanFlow Air Filter: Utilizes fan-forced air through a charcoal filter to keep the refrigerator fresh and is 15 times more effective than baking soda in reducing odors. It is recommended to change the air filter approximately every six months. (Replacement air filter #9918).

Compact Water Filter: The NSF®-certified, space-saving filter is recessed into the ceiling of the refrigerator so it doesn’t interfere with usable top shelf space. (Replacement water filter #9690).

Temperature-Controlled, Full-Width Pantry Drawer: The perfect storage drawer for deli favorites or extra-large items like veggie trays and party platters. The full-width drawer features digital controls that let you choose Meat, Deli or Produce so you can create the right environment for freshness.

Simple Select Dispenser: Features a sleek, uncluttered look with easy-to-use smooth touch icons for filtered water, cubed ice and crushed ice. The spacious design lets yon fill large pitchers, coffee pots and water bottles with ease. The simple shape also makes the dispenser easy to clean.

Air Tight Crisper: Uses a unique seal and moisture lock grid so vegetables stored in the AirTight crisper drawer retain weight and moisture. This keeps them fresher longer when compared to a standard crisper bin.

Two SlideAway Shelves: Tall items, such as wine bottles and tiered serving trays, can be stored with ease. The SlideAway shelves slide back to create more vertical space so you don’t have to rearrange the refrigerator.

Slim In-Door Icemaker: Gives you fresh, filtered cubed ice and 100% use of the top shelf. This clever design also allows full use of the door bins to maximize storage space.

Three-Tier Freezer Drawer: Keeps food easily accessible with two interior pull-out drawers and a deep bin. The versatility of three separate compartments let you organize frozen foods so you can easily find what you need. The freezer door bin gives the added convenience of easy access to smaller items like frozen treats, juices, ice packs and more.

*System tested and certified against NSF/ANSI standard 43 and standard 53.

**Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Google Plan and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google Inc.

Check it Out

The Kenmore Smart App can also control a Kenmore Elite Smart laundry pair. The app can control even more products as additional smart models are added to the Kenmore family.

Available in white (#75042), stainless steel (#75043) and black (#75049).

Ask An Expert

Do I need any special equipment in order to use the Smart App?

As long as you have a Wi-Fi router with an internet connection and a smartphone or tablet, you can set up the Smart application.