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Product Insight: Kenmore Elite Four-Door Refrigerator


Kenmore Elite Four-Door Refrigerator

Style Meets Freshness in the Newly Designed Four-Door Refrigerator

The new Kenmore Elite four-door refrigerator has been completely re-designed with a focus on freshness and convenience. The counter-height pantry drawer is now an external drawer with independent controls for precise temperature selection. The refrigerator also features the sleek, new Simple Select dispenser as well as 30 cu. ft. of storage capacity and freshness features throughout.

Product Details

Kenmore 28.1 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator w/ Fresh Storage Drawer in White, Stainless and Black

External Pantry Drawer — The counter-height pantry drawer is designed to maximize freshness. Rather than using cold, dry air from the freezer, the pantry drawer pulls cool, moist air from the refrigerator to keep foods fresh using ideal temperature and humidity levels. The drawer features four precise digital temperature settings with easy-to-read icons for Meat & Seafood, Cold Drinks, Deli Snacks or Chilled Wine, making it a versatile food pantry drawer or a convenient beverage center.

AirTight Crisper — Vegetables stored in the AirTight crisper retain weight and moisture longer when compared to a standard crisper bin. The AirTight crisper uses a unique seal that locks in moisture to help vegetables stay fresher for longer.

Three-Tier Freezer Drawer — Keeps food easily accessible with two interior pull-out drawers and a deep bin. The versatility of three separate compartments lets you organize frozen foods so you can easily find what you need, when you need it.

Simple Select Dispenser — The Simple Select dispenser features a sleek, uncluttered look with easy-to-use icons for water, ice and crushed ice. The spacious design lets you fill large pitchers, coffee pots and water bottles with ease.

Convenient, Electronic Controls — The temperature controls and indicators have been relocated to nestle perfectly behind the doors in the top cabinet. This puts them closer to eye level and out of reach for kids.

Two SlideAway Shelves — Tall items, such as wine bottles and tiered serving trays, can be stored with ease. Each SlideAway shelf slides back to create more vertical space so you don’t have to rearrange the refrigerator. When the dual shelves are stacked, the refrigerator offers more than two feet of total storage height!

Sleek Interior Design — The latest Kenmore styling has been applied to this model, making the interior look cleaner and more spacious. This includes a new slim trim design on all of the shelves and bins, as well as reshaped crisper drawers that enhance capacity.

Space-Saving Design — The slim in-door ice maker and in-door compact water filter are designed to maximize usable capacity. With these extras tucked neatly inside the door, you have 100% use of the top shelf plus full use of the door bins.

Two-Bottle Wine Rack — This deluxe rack is designed to rest securely on any refrigerator shelf and conveniently holds two bottles of wine.

What's New?

Simple Select Dispenser

The temperature controls, settings and indicators have moved to the inside of the refrigerator so only the dispenser style stands out. The sleek, uncluttered look features three easy-to-use SmoothTouch icons for water, ice and crushed ice that respond at a finger’s touch.

  • Simple SmoothTouch Dispenser Icons
  • Temperature and Other Controls Move Inside
  • Innovative One-Piece Paddle and Ice Chute

Electronic Controls

Rather than cluttering up the exterior of the refrigerator, the new temperature controls are hidden behind the doors, perfectly nested into the top cabinet and closer to eye level. The intuitive controls are easy to use and positioned higher, making them more kid-proof.

New Interior Design

The overall design of the refrigerator interior has been updated, making it look cleaner and more spacious. This includes a new slim trim design on all of the shelves and bins. The crisper drawers have also taken on a new shape, further enhancing the capacity of each drawer.