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Product Insight: Kenmore 200-Gal. Refrigerator Water Filter


Kenmore 200-Gal. Water Filter for Select French-Door Refrigerators

When it comes to refrigerator water filters, look no further than Kenmore. Kenmore water filters meet national standards for eliminating contaminants. More importantly, they consistently deliver fresh, great-tasting water and ice. Also keep extra filters on hand when you need to change one, usually every six months.

Product Details

Kenmore 200-Gal. Water Filter

Great Performance - Kenmore water filters are designed, tested and NSF certified* to reduce harmful contaminants like cysts, chlorine taste and odor, asbestos and lead. They are customized for the ice and water filtration systems in Kenmore and Kenmore Elite refrigerators. For the freshest water and optimal performance, you should replace your water filter every six months.

*System tested and certified against NSF/ANSI standard 42 and standard 53.


How About That!

To earn NSF® certification, water filters must undergo extensive testing to confirm that they meet the strict requirements of American National Standards. NSF certification also requires filters to be re-tested periodically and re-certified each year, which ensures that they continue to meet all stated requirements over time.


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