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Product Insight: Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Air Filter


Kenmore Elite Replacement CleanFlow Air Filter

Kenmore refrigerator air filters allow efficient airflow that will help neutralize odor and bacteria, which is especially important in a refrigerator. The Kenmore Elite Cleanflow Air Filter also feature two settings for around-the-clock effectiveness. It's also a good idea to have extra filters on hand when you need to change one, usually every six months.

Product Details

Kenmore Elite Replacement CleanFlow Air Filter

CleanFlow Air Filter - The CleanFlow air filter is engineered to be 15 times more effective than baking soda in removing odors. It allows air to actively pass through the filter, helping to neutralize odor and bacteria. It also features two convenient settings: Auto and MAX.

  • Auto - The air filter system will cycle on and off in increments of 10 minutes on and 110 minutes off.
  • MAX - The air filter system will stay on continuously for four hours, cycling on and off in increment of 10 minutes on and five minutes off. After four hours, the 
air filter system will switch to Auto mode.

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