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Water Under the Crisper Drawers? All of the Easy Fixes You Need to Know

Water Under the Crisper Drawers? All of the Easy Fixes You Need to Know


If you open your refrigerator and find that water is pooling underneath your crisper drawers, you want to stop the source of the leak right away. This is a common issue if the defrost tube in your refrigerator is clogged with debris or ice, and it can't properly drain meltwater traveling down from a defrosting freezer. Our friends at Sears PartsDirect have some tips on how to fix the problem and stop excess water from pooling under your drawers.


Crisper Drawers

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Potential Fixes


Clean the Defrost Drain Tube

The defrost drain tube is built to transfer condensated water to a drain pan, where it will then eventually evaporate. If ice or other debris block the top of this drain tube, the meltwater will have nowhere to drain when your refrigerator goes through a defrost cycle. It can then overflow into your refrigerator, where it often pools underneath the crisper drawers. To fix this, thaw the drain area to clear the tube of built-up ice so water can freely frow into the drain pan. If you can’t clear the tube, it may need to be replaced.


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Refrigerator Defrost Drain Tube

Refrigerator Drain Pan

Clean the Drain Pan

The refrigerator drain pan collects water that melts from the evaporator fins, moves to the evaporator drip tray and then through the defrost drain tube. The water then ends up in the refrigerator drain pan in the main refrigerator machine compartment. The drain pan can sometimes fill with debris including mold, insects or other particles. To fix this, remove the refrigerator drain pan and clean thoroughly.


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Replace Damaged Water Lines

If your refrigerator features an ice maker or water dispenser, it’s possible for a connecting water line to break. This can cause water to leak into your refrigerator and pool at the bottom. To fix this, locate and replace the affected internal water lines.



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Refrigerator Water Line

Open Fridge Door

Adjust the Freezer or Refrigerator Door

If the freezer door hinge has been bent or dented, it may cause the door to sag. This compromises the seal, allowing warm air into the freezer. This moist air may cause excessive frost to form on the drain tube causing it to freeze. Adjust or replace the hinges so the door shuts and seals properly.  

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