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Refrigerators 101: What is Dual Cooling Technology?

Dual cooling refrigeration offers two separate cooling systems for the refrigerator and freezer sections, keeping the temperature in each compartment stable with little fluctuation. In addition to temperature stabilization, a refrigerator with dual cooling technology can also keep humidity levels steady in each compartment.

When a refrigerator has a cooling system, common air circulation between the fridge and freezer can cause several issues. The low humidity air from the freezer can cause fresh produce to spoil, and the humidity from a refrigerator can ruin frozen food products. If you have a dual cooling system, the humidity will remain in the refrigerator, keeping your fruits and vegetables fresh for long periods of time. In the freezer, your frozen food will be unlikely to develop freezer burn or absorb unpleasant aromas from refrigerated foods.

Benefits of Dual Cooling Technology

  • This feature maintains a steady temperature throughout your fridge.
  • A dual cooling system helps make your appliance more energy efficient.
  • Refrigerators with this technology will be able to control humidity better, keep food fresher longer and reduce the possibility of freezer burn.