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Blenders vs. Food Processors - Sears

Kitchen Showdown: Blenders vs. Food Processors

After a long day at the office, the last thing you want to do is tediously chop ingredients for dinner by hand. Blenders and food processors allow you to carry out a wide range of tasks to save time and simplify the effort involved. Whether you're blending up a delicious smoothie for breakfast or shredding cheese for your macaroni, these helpful kitchen tools will make meal prep a snap. When choosing the right model for your kitchen, it is important to consider which features you will use the most.


Food Processors

Types of Food

Soups, purees, dips and smoothiesDips, butters, chopped vegetables, shredded cheeses and dough


Less versatileMore versatile


Tall, narrow containerLarge, shallow container


Advantages of Blenders

  • Mixes liquids better - A blender is equipped with features like a tall narrow jar and easy-to-pour reservoir that makes it convenient to work with wet ingredients used in smoothies, soups, milkshakes and other liquid recipes.
  • Less spillage - Due to the airtight seal, there is less spillage when working with a blender.
  • Hands-free operation - Keep your blender running while you get other things done in the kitchen simultaneously.

Limitations of Blenders

  • Can't handle thicker consistencies - Blenders have blades that are not sharp enough for drier and thicker ingredients like dough or cheese.
  • Not very versatile - A blender can’t do much besides juices, smoothies, soups and purees.

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Food Processors

food processor

Advantages of Food Processors

  • Very versatile - A food processor can handle a vast variety of tasks from chopping vegetables to mixing pie dough.
  • Equipped with more attachments - These appliances feature mixing bowls, blade attachments and multiple speeds for slicing, shredding and chopping.
  • Simplifies meal preparation - With helpful blade attahcments and feed tubes, these can save time when cooking food. 

Limitations of Food Processors

  • Clean-up is time consuming - With all the various parts the appliance comes with, cleaning can be quite tedious and takes a good amount of time.
  • Doesn't mix ingredients well - While blenders specialize in blending different ingredients together, food processors aren't ideal for mixing food or drinks.

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