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Buying a Juicer

Not so long ago, juicers seemed like luxury appliances for people trying every new dieting fad. Today, these machines have become widely used small kitchen appliances, yielding fresh juices that are jam-packed with nutrients and essential enzymes that often are lost in processed and pasteurized store-bought alternatives. Getting all of the essential fruits and veggies your body needs can be difficult, but these machines can help. Before deciding on which model to have in your kitchen, consider these different types of juicers and juicing tips.


Why Should You Juice?

  • Provides proper nutrients without disrupting digestive tract - Even if you're particularly health conscious, digestive issues make it hard for your body to absorb nutrients from vegetables. Fresh juice goes straight into your bloodstream, so regular home juicing can help your body take in important fibers and minerals that impaired digestive health can prohibit.
  • Can expand fruit and veggie consumption - Juicing allows you to add variety to your repertoire of fruits and veggies you'll actually eat. If there are particular greens you aren't fond of, you'd be surprised how flavorful combinations of zesty veggies and ripe fruits can be juiced together to mask tastes that have been unpleasant in the past.
  • Helps balance pH level - You can balance your body's pH levels by juicing fresh, whole, highly-alkalizing veggies like lemons, leafy greens, root vegetables and cruciferous vegetables. An alkalized diet can help naturally improve your energy levels, mental clarity and digestion. Less acid in your body can sometimes mean clearer skin and an overall sense of wellness.

Types of Juicers

Centrifugal Juicers

These machines extract juice by pulverizing whole fruits and vegetables against extremely sharp teeth. The spinning circular blade separates the wet pulp from the juice.

  • Juice whole fruits and veggies - The large chutes and powerful blades allow you to juice whole fruits and veggies without any necessary prep.
  • Quickly produce juice - High-speed blades quickly turn anything into tasty drinks. If you're always in a hurry but still want a healthy beverage, then these models are the perfect option.





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Cold Press Juicers

These machines compress fruit and vegetables to squeeze out the juice instead of shredding your produce with sharp blades.

  • Better preserves nutrients and enzymes - The slow juicing process of a cold press helps keep more of the nutrients and enzymes that can be lost in the speed and heat of other models.
  • Green juices - If you enjoy using leafy greens in your beverages, a slow juicer more efficiently processes things like kale and spinach. Leaving you with a tasty drink full of fiber and other healthy minerals.



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Citrus Juicers

If you love sweet and tangy fruits like oranges, clementines and grapefruits, then you'll want a juice specifically built to get every drop out of these tasty citrus fruit.

  • Shaped to fit the fruit - Citrus specific juicers are built with a special conical shaped head to press out juice. From lemons up to large grapefruit, you'll have a juicer built for your favorite foods.
  • Easy to store juice for later - Many citrus models juice directly into a pitcher that can pour out glasses to drink immediately or be covered and stored in the fridge for later.



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Steam Juicers

For berries and other high-liquid fruits, steam juicers offer a unique way of extracting juice while retaining the fruit itself.

  • Create pulp-free juice - If you're not a fan of pulpy juices, a steam models create juice by heating the fruit until the cells burst and the juice and drip down. This keeps pulp from entering the liquid since you're not crushing the fruit.
  • Can produce large quantities - If you like to buy in bulk, these machines can turn a hefty amount of fruit into juice with no prep needed.
  • Highly concentrated - Since there's virtually no pulp and much of the water within the juice is turned into steam, your final product is highly concentrated. This makes the juice perfect for drinking or using in other dishes from your recipe book.

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Juicing Tips

Once you buy your juicer, you'll want to start making tasty drinks. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your new appliance.

  • Vary your juices - Although tasty, drinking solely fruit-based juices means that you might be ingesting a lot of sugar. It's best to use fruits to add flavor, but mix in leafy greens and other veggies to increase your intake of fiber and other nutrients.
  • Prep your food - Especially when using a cold press model, you'll want to make sure that you chop up fruits and veggies prior to putting them into the juicer. This will help your machine work well and increase your juice yield.
  • Clean up - Aside from hygienic reasons, cleaning your juicer thoroughly after each use will remove any built up food particles and juice residue. This will keep your machine from being overworked and incurring undue stress.
  • Mason jars - If you want to save your juice for a day or two, you'll need jars or bottles that seal tight. Mason jars have an air-tight seal that will keep any juice fresh, so you do not have to make more every day.