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Mixer Buying Guide

Whether you prefer a small hand model for occasional baking or want to explore all the versatile stand options, the right mixer makes all kinds of baking and cooking tasks more convenient. Each model has features that adapt to your style. Before making a purchase, here are some types of mixers to consider.  


Types of Mixers

Hand Mixer

A hand mixer will save you space in the kitchen, and it can easily mix many recipes like batter or dough.

  • Ideal for occasional baking - If you bake on occasion, this model has all the mixing functionality you need to whip up small treats in hurry.
  • Works with simple mixes & batters - For mixtures that don't take long to blend, such as cookie dough or cake batter, a hand mixer will be able to take care of the job quickly.

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Stand Mixers

A stand mixer will take the physical effort out of mixing, and can handle a wider variety of recipes with optional attachments.

  • Makes large quantities - A stand model has large mixing bowls and attachments that can blend a multitude of ingredients and with ease.
  • Versatility - With ice cream maker, pasta roller and meat grinder attachments, you cam turn your stand mixer into a number of different appliances by harnessing the mixer's power.
  • Handles tough recipes - This option does all the work for you, so you can turn them on to handle other prep work when you need to mix something that takes a while. You can also avoid tired arms when it comes to tougher dough and batter recipes.

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Features of Mixers

Specialty Attachments

  • Dough hooks - Take the physical labor out of mixing tough dough recipes with a hook that will knead it.
  • Wire whisks - Whip air into ingredients like cream or egg whites, making them light and airy.
  • Meat grinder - A stand mixer is powerful enough to run a meat grinder attachment so you can make ground beef, chicken and pork.
  • Pasta - A roller will let you make your own fresh pasta in a variety of shapes.  

Stand Mixer Features

  • Tilt-head mixers - Tilt the mixing head back so you can pour in extra ingredients or easily remove the mixing bowl once mixing is complete.
  • Bowl-lift mixers -  Raise the mixing bowl to the attachment, reducing instances of the mixture spilling over the sides.
  • Mixing action - Planetary action ensures an even consistency with an elliptical mixing pattern.