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Cold Press vs. Centrifugal Juicers

There are a variety of juicers available, differing in quality and price. The two most common types of juicers are centrifugal and cold press. Each juicer uses different methods for extracting juice and has slightly differing advantages and disadvantages. People often swear by one or the other depending on what their priorities are: more nutrients, less mess, more juice or less prep time. Understanding how each of these juicers work will ultimately help you choose which type of juicer would suit you best based on what you're looking to get out of your juicing experience.

Cold Press




Amount of Juice

Yields more juiceSome juice remains in the pulp, so you'll get less juice in the canister

Nutrient Retention

More nutrientsLess nutrients

Prep Time

Produce needs to be cut into smaller pieces to fit through the chuteLarger chute can accommodate whole fruits and veggies


More expensiveLess expensive

*Refer to the Juicers Buying Guide for more specific cost ranges.

Cold Press Juicers

Advantages of cold press juicers

  • Larger Quantities - Fruits and veggies are freshly squeezed, so the amount of juice that gets left behind in the pulp is slim. This produces more juice for consumption.
  • Lots of Nutrients - Lower speed means less heat, which preserves important enzymes and improves juice quality.
  • Multi-Functional - Cold press juicers can double as a food processor to make nut butter, nut milk, sorbet and ice cream.

Limitations of cold press juicers

  • Extra Pulp - These juicers don't come with a metal strainer, so pulp is fed through the tube and into the canister instead of accumulating in a separate container.
  • High Cost - The ability to retain essential nutrients and yield higher-quality juice makes these juicers more expensive than centrifugal/other juicers.

Centrifugal Juicers

Advantages of centrifugal juicers

  • Extremely Quick - Centrifugal juicers can pulverize a whole apple, core and stem included, in seconds.
  • Ease of Use - Fruits and veggies can be easily fed through the chute, and the wider tube allows you to feed more produce into your juicer at once.

Limitations of centrifugal juicers

  • Excessive Foam - The pitcher will naturally fill with more foam, and the juice and foam will often separate.
  • Noisy - The vibrations that occur when the produce is filtered through the sharp blades can be quite loud.