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Food Mills vs. Food Processors

When it comes to kitchen tasks like chopping, mashing and pureeing, food mills and food processors are essential appliances. Each of these tools has their advantages, so consider what kind of cooking you do to see which can meet your needs best.


Food Mill

Food Processor

Power Source

Hand crankElectricity


Mashing, pureeing and sievingChopping, mashing, mixing and pureeing


Sieve separates large debrisDoesn't remove seeds or other debris

Food Mill

Advantages of a food mill

  • Separation - The sieve in a food mill will separate seeds and other large pieces so you can make smooth mixtures without the prep work of coring, peeling or removing other debris yourself.
  •  Hand Crank - You don't have to rely on electricity to make this machine work, so you can use it anywhere in the kitchen without needing to find an outlet.

Limitations of a food mill

  • Slower Operation - Since a food mill is hand-cranked, it can take longer and be more tiring to finish tasks, especially when you have tougher ingredients or large quantities.
  •  Limited Functionality - Food mills lack some of the extra capabilities of a food processor. You won't be able to blend up soft fruits and vegetables or chop very hard ingredients.

Food Processor

Advantages of a food processor

  • Versatile - A food processor can handle the functions of many other kitchen tools, like a blender or mixer, so you can get the most out of one appliance.
  • Efficient - With the motor doing all the work, a food processor can chop and puree large quantities of food quickly and leave you free to work on other parts of the meal.
  • Handle more types of food - The power and versatility of a food processor allows it to chop and mix hard foods in many ways, such as chopping up nuts or crushing up ice for a smoothie.

Limitations of a food processor

  • Counter space - Since a food processor needs to be near an outlet, it will take up counter space during food prep.
  • No Separating Ability - A food processor does not have a sieve like a food mill does, and will crush seeds, peels and other unwanted pieces into the mix if you don't take time to remove them beforehand.