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How to Clean a Blender

Maintaining your blender is important to the longevity and performance of the appliance. Without regular, thorough cleanings, mold can grow on the blending jar and built-up food around the blade will reduce its ability to blend. Follow these steps to avoid health risks and get your blender back in top shape.

What you'll need:

  • Dish soap. Standard dish soap will be strong enough to clean your blender.
  • Warm water. You'll fill the blending jar with warm or hot water during the cleaning process.
  • Half a lemon. This will be used to add a fresh scent and help remove stuck-on particles from the blending jar.
  • Sanitizing solution (1 tablespoon of bleach in 1 gallon of water). Mix this solution together in a small plastic container.
  • Drying rack. Place your dish rack next to your sink so the water can run off back into the drain.


Step 1: Fill blender half full with warm water.

Make sure that the blender jar is secure to the base and then fill it to the midpoint with your warm water.


Step 2: Add dish soap and lemon.

Put in two to three drops of dish soap and toss in your lemon. The lemon rind will help scrape particles off the walls of the blender.


Step 3: Run your blender.

Place the lid on your blender and run it on your low setting. Start out with a 30 second cycle and then check the blender. If there are any stubborn particles, run for another 30 seconds


Step 4: Rinse.

Pour out the soapy water and lemon, and rinse the blender


Step 5: Sanitize.

Fill the blending jug ¼ of the way full with the sanitizing solution, put the lid on and shake it around.


Step 6: Rinse out sanitizing solution.

Make sure you rinse the jar again thoroughly to remove the sanitizing agent completely.  


Step 7: Dry.

Disassemble your blender and place it on your drying rack. Once dry, you can put it back together and use or store it.