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How to Clean a Toaster Oven

How to Clean a Toaster Oven

how to clean a toaster oven

Cleaning your toaster oven is essential to keeping it safe and in top condition. By regularly cleaning this small appliance, you'll reduce any fire risk when you remove crumbs and grease left behind from meals past. Also, food particles from other meals can impart a smoky or burnt flavor to the meals you're heating. When you regularly follow these steps, you'll have a clean toaster oven ready and clean for your next dish.

What you'll need:

  • Sponge: This will be used to clean the crumb tray and oven rack.
  • Soft cloth: A soft cloth will be gentle enough to clean the exterior of your toaster oven.
  • Dish soap: Use this in conjunction with the sponge to clean the crumb tray and rack.
  • 50-50 vinegar and water solution: This cleaning solution will be gentle enough for your toaster oven. Mix this solution in a bowl so you can dip a wash cloth into it for cleaning.

  • Baking soda, dish soap and water mixture: A combination of baking soda and dish soap will loosen stuck-on grease from the oven's interior. Use another bowl and mix this solution to be used on the oven's exterior.
  • Damp cloth: This will be used to wipe up grease spots after the baking soda and soap solution have broken them down.

Step 1: Unplug and let the oven cool.

After cooking, unplug the toaster oven from the wall, open the door and let the heating elements cool for about an hour. Once it's completely cooled, you can begin cleaning.

toaster oven

Step 2: Wash the rack.

Gently slide the rack out of the toaster oven and wash it thoroughly. Many new toaster oven racks have a non-stick coating, so you don't want to use an abrasive brush or harsh cleaner that could damage the coating. Simple dishwashing soap, warm water and a damp sponge will do the job without scratching the rack. 

Step 3: Clean crumb tray and interior.

Remove the crumb tray and dump loose debris into the garbage. Take a sponge and wipe down the tray with warm soapy water. Rinse it thoroughly and allow the tray to air dry. Wipe the inside walls of the toaster oven. Take extra around the heating elements, since it is quite fragile. If your toaster oven has exposed heating elements, avoid it when cleaning.

wash the toaster oven rack

Step 4: Clean the exterior and door.

Dip a soft cloth into an even vinegar and water solution and wipe down the outside of the toaster oven. Take this same cleaning solution and use it to wipe down the window on the toaster oven door.

Step 5: Remove stuck-on grease.

Use another cloth with a baking soda, dish soap and water mixture to wipe grease spots. Let the cleaner soak into problem spots for about five minutes, and then use damp paper towels to remove grease spots.

cleaning toaster oven exterior

Step 6: Repeat any steps if necessary.

Sometimes it takes a few passes to get rid of stubborn food debris. One tactic you can try is hitting tough spots after using your toaster oven. You'll still want to unplug the appliance and wait until it comes to a temperature that is okay to touch but still warm. The heat can help loosen tough grease spots.

Step 7: Air Dry.

Allow the crumb tray, rack and interior to dry completely before your next use.

toaster oven air dry