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Stand Mixer vs. Hand Mixer

Whether you're whipping up a batch of homemade cookies or preparing some dough for pizza night, you're going to need a mixer that is up to the task. Both a stand mixer and a hand mixer offer numerous advantages that might make them the right fit for your kitchen. Look into which one will best suit you and your cooking style before making a decision.


Stand Mixer

Hand Mixer




Numerous Limited

Planetary Action


Ease of Use

Less difficultMore difficult


Six to 10Three to nine

Stand Mixer

Advantages of stand mixers

  • Easy to Use - The stand mixer allows you to pour all of your ingredients into one bowl and let the mixer do all the work with little to no manual labor.
  • Planetary Mixing - Planetary action refers to the way the beater rotates while moving throughout the bowl. This ensures ingredients in all parts of the bowl are mixed evenly.
  • Attachments - Along with the standard paddle, whisk and dough hook, you can get attachments for a variety of unique receipes, like sausage grinders and pasta presses.

Limitations of stand mixers

  • Counter Space - A stand mixer is a stationary appliance that can take up quite a bit of counter space.
  • Price - Stand mixers are considerably more expensive than hand mixers.

Hand Mixer

Advantages of hand mixers

  • Lower Price - Even high-end hand mixers are much less expensive than stand mixers.
  • Portable - A hand mixer can be stored away when not in use, helping you save space in a cramped kitchen. As long as you have an outlet nearby, you can set up a workspace on any counter.
  • Simple Mixing Needs - If you're not baking every day, then a hand mixer will be able to handle essential tasks when needed.

Limitations of hand mixers

  • Limited Attachments - Typically a hand mixer will only come with a few options for mixing, blending and whisking.
  • More Demanding to Use - If you're mixing for a long time or stirring up tougher dough, your arms are more likely to get tired as you hold the mixer and move it around the bowl.