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Toaster Oven vs. Conventional Oven

A conventional oven is great for a wide range of kitchen tasks from baking to roasting. However, there are times when a toaster oven can cook some of the same dishes without using as much energy and emitting as much heat as the oven in your range. Consider your family or household size and how often you cook in an oven when you're deciding which appliance is best for your home.

Toaster Oven

Conventional Oven



Size of Dish


Cooking Time


Heat Emission


Energy Use

Low High

Toaster Oven

Advantages of toaster ovens

  • Ideal for Small Kitchens - An apartment in a small kitchen may not have space for a conventional oven. With a toaster oven, you can still prepare home-cooked favorites.
  • Low Heat Emission - A toaster oven won't heat your kitchen as it warms up, and since it's much smaller than an oven, it uses less energy to heat, as well.
  • Perfect for Side Dishes - If your conventional oven is often dedicated to cooking the main course, use a toaster oven to prepare side dishes at the same time.

Limitations of toaster ovens

  • Small Size - With its limited cooking space, a toaster oven doesn't allow you to bake large, family-size meals.
  • Counter Space - It might be hard to find space for a toaster oven alongside other countertop appliances. You'll also need some room in your kitchen cabinets if you plan on storing it when not in use.

Conventional Oven

Advantages of conventional ovens

  • Large Dishes - A conventional oven can cook anything from a Thanksgiving turkey to a big batch of biscuits, perfect for larger families or frequent entertainers.
  • Versatility - A conventional oven has room for multiple dishes to cook at the same time, and many have additional features to make tasks like broiling and roasting large dishes more convenient.
  • Even Cooking - Large ovens are better than toaster ovens at heating evenly throughout, ensuring you don't have overly burned or cool spots in your dishes.

Limitations of conventional ovens

  • Excess Heat - The large amount of excess heat will heat up your kitchen and the rest of your home, which can be particularly uncomfortable in the summer months.
  • Less Energy Efficient - Even though they've become more energy efficient, standard ovens will use much more energy to heat up, even if you only need to cool a small dish.