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What is a Cold Press Juicer?

Cold press juicers produce nutrient-dense juice using a masticating or cold press method. Because these types of juicers operate at lower speeds and gently compress fruit and vegetables to squeeze out the juice, additional preparation is required. The absence of sharp blades requires you to cut and peel certain fruits and vegetables, like oranges and sweet potatoes, before pressing. You'll get more juice with more of the desired essential enzymes, but these juicers are a bit more expensive to account for slightly higher juice quality. A cold press juicer can double as food processor, which also adds to the cost.

Benefits of a cold press juicer

  • Low speeds don't produce a lot of heat, so more nutrients and enzymes are preserved in the juice
  • Can be used as a food processor to make nut milks, hummus, ice cream and more
  • Cold press is gentler and runs quieter than the centrifugal alternative