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What is a Rotisserie

What is a Rotisserie

A rotisserie is a piece of cooking equipment with a spit that allows food to rotate. When you cook food rotisserie-style, meats are skewered and slowly cooked on a rotating spit so they heat evenly, allowing for a juicy and tender dish. While many models and attachments are horizontal, you can also find vertical options. Vertical rotisseries do not require even weight on both ends of the skewer, so they're best for shaving meat.

Uses of a Rotisserie

  • A rotisserie can be used for roasting whole poultry like chicken, duck and turkey.
  • This accessory is ideal for grilling roasts like pork, beef and lamb.
  • It works well for cooking meat used in dishes like shawarma, gyros, tacos and kebabs.


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