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How to Remove Gum from Carpeting

Of all the stains and substances to hit your carpet, gum is probably one of the worst. The sticky and stubborn nature of chewing gum makes it hard to remove from any surface. Removing gum from carpeting without leaving behind hardened bits can be tricky, but there are a few home remedies that work well.

Freeze and scrape

Use ice cubes or an ice pack to freeze the gum first so it’s easier to remove. Place your ice pack or bag of ice directly on top of the gum. You should waitat least 30 minutes for the gum to fully freeze, but the longer you leave the ice on, the easier it will be to scrape the gum up and out of your carpet. Once the gum is cold enough to remove, use any tool with a thin, straight edge to pull it up. Try not to use anything with a blade to avoid cutting your carpet. If there are still stubborn pieces of gum stuck to the carpet once you're done scraping, rub individual pieces of ice on top of those bits until they come loose.


Oil-based products

There are a plethora of tried and true products that you probably already have at home that work well to remove gum. Oil-based products like peanut butter, butter, olive oil, WD-40 and muscle pain reliever all have a lubricating quality that works to free the sticky gum from carpet fibers. Use a butter knife to place a liberal amount of any of these oil-based products directly on top of the gum. Be careful not to use too much, as products like peanut butter can leave an additional unwanted mess on your carpet if you're not careful. Using the butter knife or your fingers, work the product into the gum and blot or gently pull the gum up and out of the fibers. If there are still bits of gum stuck to the carpet once you remove the larger piece, you can use a small amount of soap or dishwasher detergent and water to loosen them up and tug lightly with your fingers.