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Product Insight: Kenmore Bagless Vacuums


Product Insight: Kenmore Bagless Vacuums

These versatile vacuums combine all the best in carpet and bare floor cleaning. These new models include upgrades over the previous line, including an improved HEPA filterand a modified housing for better suction. You will love the cyclonic action system; its dirt compression technology creates strong suction to remove dirt and debris quicklyand effectively with no loss of suction.*

Common Features and Benefits

Bagless Cyclonic Action: Strong suction provides thorough cleaning with an easy-to-empty dust cup and no bags to replace.

Detachable Lift-Off Canister Vacuum: Maintains suction while cleaning hard-to-reach areas like fans, blinds and stairs.

Powerful Two-Motor System: Provides effective brush rotation and powerful suction for deep cleaning.

Swivel Steering Nozzle: Offers optimum maneuverability wherever members need to vacuum.

Pet Handi-Mate® Tool: Removes dirt and stubborn pet hair from upholstery and stairs.

Bare Floor Brush: Allows you to conveniently transition from carpet to bare floor cleaning.

HEPA Filter: Captures 99.7% of dust particles down to 0.3 microns.

Product Details

Kenmore Upright
Kenmore Elite Upright

Kenmore® Pet FriendlyCrossOver™ MaxUpright Vacuum - #31220

Dual Brush Edge Cleaning: Reach baseboards easily with extended bristles on both sides of the agitator.

Onboard Tools: Provide convenience.

Kenmore Elite® Pet Friendly CrossOver Ultra Upright Vacuum - #31230

Ultra Plush™ NozzleTechnology: Automated vent inlets channel airflow into the nozzle for excellent carpet cleaning on allt ypes, including ultra plushcarpet.

LED Headlight: Increases visibility indark areas, such as under furniture and in corners and tight spots.

Electronic DirtSensor: Blue LED sensor detects the dust you can't see and indicates when an area is truly clean.

lift off

Detachable Lift-Off Canister Vacuum


Swivel Steering Nozzle


Pet Handi-Mate® Tool

Dirt Sensor

Electronic DirtSensor

*Meets IEC 603121st edition clause 1.1 section 5.9.

Check It Out!

The dust cup should be emptied after every use and the filter should be cleaned regularly. Members who vacuum often or are vacuuming a lot of dirt and animal hair will want to clean the filter more frequently.