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What is an Oven Warming Drawer?

A warming drawer is an appliance that can keep food properly heated without needing to use oven space. Warming drawers are sometimes found at the bottom of a freestanding or slide-in range, but they can also be independent kitchen appliances that are built into your cabinets. Many warming drawers offer a few heat settings with different temperatures so that you can accommodate different types of food.

Warming drawers are the perfect addition to any kitchen, but they're especially helpful for frequent dinner party hosts. Whether you're preparing a larger meal, like Thanksgiving dinner and other holiday spreads, or regularly creating delicious home-cooked meals, food will stay warmer longer if you hold it in a warming drawer before serving.

Uses of a warming drawer

  • Holding side dishes at a safe serving temperature
  • Warming plates and platters before serving
  • Heating bread or rolls for a meal
  • Keeping pies and other desserts warm during dinner