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What is the Cook and Hold Feature on a Wall Oven?

The cook and hold feature allows you to set a timer on your oven which first cooks your food and then lowers the temperature to a warming setting. Some models even offer a delayed start feature, in which your food will begin cooking at a pre-determined time, which is perfect for making sure dinner is ready when you get home from work or running errands. For those who observe Shabbat and other Jewish holidays, some ovens have a Sabbath mode, which overrides the auto oven shutoff, allowing the hold feature to remain on for longer periods of time. This way, you can easily keep cooked foods warm, similar to the cook and hold feature, when cooking is not allowed.

Uses of the cook and hold feature

  • Keeps cooked food warm for longer periods of time without overcooking
  • Makes food ready when you get home from work, school or other activities
  • Helps to observe Jewish holidays on which cooking is forbidden