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Dryer Won't Dry Clothes? All the Easy Fixes You Need to Know

Dryer Won't Dry Clothes? All the Easy Fixes You Need to Know


Even a fully-functional dryer can leave especially heavy fabrics feeling a little damp after a completed drying cycle. But if your dryer is leaving whole loads soggy, then there may be a problem with the appliance. From simple solutions like cleaning lint and other debris from the vent tube to more complex fixes like replacing the heating element, identifying and fixing the issue is easy. These helpful tips and hints from our friends at Sears Parts Direct will get your machine going strong again.

Troubleshooting a Dryer

Learn more about troubleshooting an electric dryer or gas dryer that won't heat from Sears Parts Direct.

Potential Fixes



Perform Basic Maintenance

By keeping up with regular maintenance, you can not only prevent more complicated issues from occuring, but also extend the life of your appliance. Be sure to clean trapped lint from the exhaust tube and check inside the drum for clogged air vents that can prevent warm air from properly circulating throughout the interior.


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Learn more about keeping a dryer clean from Sears Parts Direct.

Dryer Maintenance Kit

Dryer Gas Valve Coils

Replace the Dryer Gas Valve Coils

Properly functioning solenoid coils are an absolute necessity for safely igniting the burning in your dryer and maintaining the correct temperature throught a drying cycle. If your dryer heats briefly, but ends before the cycle is finished, a faulty gas valve coil could be the culprit.


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Learn more about replacing the dyer gas valve coils
from Sears Parts Direct.

Replace the Dryer Heating Element

If your dryer is receiving power and all the other components on the appliance seem to be in good working order, the problem could be with the dryer heating element. This component can be visually inspected for issues or tested to ensure that it's being supplied with and distributing the appropriate level of voltage.


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Learn more about replacing a dryer heating element
from Sears Parts Direct.

Dryer Heating Element

Dryer Electronic Control Board

Repair or Replace the Dryer Electronic Control Board

Issues with the dryer electronic control board may be more difficult to pinpoint and to fix than problems with other mechanical and electrical components on your appliance. This complex piece of equipment is the command center of your dryer and may need to be inspected and repiared by a professional.


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Learn more about replacing dryer electronic control boards
from Sears Parts Direct.

Replace the Dryer Thermal Cut-off Fuse and High-Limit Thermostat

The thermal cut-off fuse is a safeguard that will prevent the dryer from overheating. If the thermal cut-off fuse or high-limit thermostat are triggered, they cannot be reset and must be completely replaced. Both are part of the cut-off fuse kit.


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Learn more about replacing a dryer thermal cut-off fuse in an electric dryer or gas dryer from Sears Parts Direct.

Dryer Thermal Cut-Off Fuse

Dryer Timer

Replace the Dryer Timer

Issues with the dryer timer can prevent drying cycles from beginning or advancing, which may leave your clothes wet. The timer also coordinates various other components in the machine like the heating element and drive motor. Replace the dryer timer if your appliance won't start or complete a cycle.


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Learn more about replacing a dryer timer from Sears Parts Direct.

Replace the Flame Sensor

In order for the interior of the drum to heat and reach the appropriate temperature, the flame sensor needs to trip. A malfunctioning flame sensor will prevent the burner from lighting and must be replaced.


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Learn more about replacing the flame sensor from Sears Parts Direct.

Dryer Flame Sensor

Dryer Igniter

Replace the Dryer Igniter

The dryer igniter is part of a series of components, including the flame sensor and gas valve coils, that work together to complete the burner ignition sequence. Replace the igniter if it doesn't become hot enough to complete the cyle.


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Learn more about replacing the dryer igniter from Sears Parts Direct.

Replace the Dryer Operating Thermostat

The dryer operating thermostat is responsible for maintaining the appropriate temperature throughout each drying cycle.  If this part is broken or or in need of repair, it won't be able to properly monitor and regulate the heating element of an electric dryer or the burner of a gas dryer.


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Dryer Operating Thermostat

Dryer Thermistor

Replace the Dryer Thermistor

Another component that helps to regulate the temperature of a drying cycle, the dryer thermistor is crucial for ensuring that each load of clothing is thoroughly heated. Many modern dryers will notify you via a fault code if the thermistor is permanently broke and should be replaced.


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Replace the Dryer Heater Relay

A broken dryer heater relay may not prevent the appliance from running, but it can prevent the contents of the drying drum from being heated thoroughly. If your heater relay is broken or malfunctioning, it will prevent the heating component from igniting in a gas model or engaging in an electric model and needs to be replaced.


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Dryer Heater Relay