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How to Dry Sneakers

You rely on your sneakers to see you through all kinds of rough terrain, bad weather and daily use anywhere and everywhere. When your sneakers get wet and aren't able to properly dry, the insides can grow mold or mildew and develop a bad odor. Be sure to dry your sneakers thoroughly with one of these easy methods. Choose the best method based on how quickly you need your sneakers dry.


Slip off your damp sneakers and stuff a few sheets of newspaper into them. After an hour, check the newspaper. If they are soaked, replace with fresh paper and continue to let your shoes dry.



In a plastic tub, lay down an inch to two inches of dry rice and nestle your wet sneakers into the rice. Close the tub. Allow your shoes to sit for a few hours. Like newspaper, the rice will soak the moisture out of the shoes.



After stuffing your shoes full of newspaper or rice, place them in front of a fan. Run the fan on high to speed up the drying process without adding any damaging heat.



This method should only be a last resort when you have to have dry sneakers as fast as possible. It should never be used with sneakers that have leather uppers, as a dryer can destroy leather. Knot the laces of both shoes together, place the shoes within the dryer and close the door while holding onto the laces. Make sure the knot in the laces is outside the door after closing. This will allow the sneakers to hang so they don't clunk around the dryer. Set your dryer to low heat, and run for no longer than 60 minutes. If they are still wet, use another drying method.


Cat litter

Once the shoes have dried, you'll want to remove any lingering odor. Fill a knit sock or pantyhose with some cat litter and tie off the ends. Work the sock or hosiery into the shoe and let it sit for 24 hours. The litter will work wonders by soaking up all the odors.