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Product Insight: LG Styler TrueSteam Clothing Care System

LG Styler Steam Clothing Care System

LG Styler TrueSteam Clothing Care System

The LG Styler Clothing Care System uses TrueSteam® technology to reduce wrinkles, eliminate odors and sanitize suits, ties, sweaters and more. The sleek, espresso-colored cabinet with tempered glass door fits beautifully anywhere in the home - even in a master bedroom or custom closet. Refresh clothes whenever you want, without washing and without a trip to the cleaners. And by minimizing the frequency of dry cleaning by using steam to refresh clothes at home, the LG Styler will help you save money.

The Benefits of TrueSteam Technology

Wrinkle Reducer: The LG Styler's deep-penetrating steam and gently moving hangers smooth out and reduce wrinkles in clothes. It's the easy way to look fresh and well-groomed and extend the appearance of clothing between dry cleanings.

Odor Reducer: TrueSteam technology reduces the odors that cling to fabrics, knitwear and even delicate items. Effortlessly diminish odors such as smoke, sweat and food from your clothes.

Sanitizer: The sanitary cycle powered by TrueSteam helps to reduce allergens in clothes, pillows, sportswear and even children’s plush toys. Whether you are spring cleaning or trying to refresh items that are difficult or impossible to wash, the LG Styler can help sanitize fabrics easily.

Product Specifications

LG Styler Steam Clothing Care System - #15055

Hidden Capacitive Touch Controls: Just a touch activates the hidden control panel where you can select fabric care options.

Fabric Care Options: Choose Refresh (Normal, Light, Heavy), Gentle Dry (Normal, Delicates, Time Dry) or Sanitary (Normal, Heavy).

Premium Design: The espresso glass door features an elegant linen pattern, surrounded by an anodized aluminum frame.

Moving Hanger: Wrinkles gently shake away, thanks to the LG Styler's moving hanger that slides side to side as clothing bathes in a light mist of steam. This simple motion helps the steam penetrate clothing and release wrinkles effortlessly.

Accessories Care: The LG Styler isn't just for clothing - it can revitalize wrinkled ties and scarves that have lost their shape and much more. Simply arrange accessories on the in-door hanger and let TrueSteam technology restore their good looks.

Heat Pump System: The low-temperature drying system dries clothing and delicates much faster than air drying, with no shrinkage or damage. It's ideal for items that you would normally dry on a drying rack.

Deodorizer: Whether refreshing seasonal clothing that's been in storage or simply extending the time between dry cleanings, the LG Styler can make garments smell fresh and clean in a matter of minutes. You can even add a scented dryer sheet to infuse clothing with a gentle fragrance.

TrueSteam Technology: Steam is sprayed from the nozzle to sanitize clothes, pillows, sportswear, stuffed toys and more.

LED Lights: Three LED lights make it easier to see what’s inside when the door is open.

Pants Crease Care: Includes a special compartment in the door that helps to restore a crisp pants crease while reducing wrinkles.

Tag On: Use the LG Smart Diagnosis and Smart Download Cycle features to communicate with the Styler from your Android* smartphone. You can also use it to download additional cycles, such as Air Fresh, Extra Pants Care, Shawls/Neckties and Soft Toy, to address the unique needs of various items.

Versatile Rack: Eliminates unsightly hanger marks on sweaters, blouses, dress shirts and other delicates. Just lay them flat on the interior rack and let the LG Styler give them an ultragentle refresh. It's also a great spot to dry hats, gloves and scarves that have been caught in the rain or snow.

Portable Water Container: The portable water container makes it easy to fill and drain the water needed for LG's unique TrueSteam technology. And with no need for water lines, you can install the LG Styler anywhere in the home, including the laundry room, bedroom, mudroom or closet.

*Currently only available for Android smartphones.

Check It Out

To ensure proper air circulation and drying performance, the LG Styler has a capacity of 11.5 lbs., which is equivalent to three hanging items plus one pair of pants. The LG Styler can be installed nearly anywhere in the home and does not require any water hook-up or drains.