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Dryer Making Noise or Vibrating? All the Easy Fixes You Need to Know

Dryer Making Noise or Vibrating? All the Easy Fixes You Need to Know


Noises from the dryer can be caused by anything, from uneven placement to hard objects clanking around during a cycle. Check to make sure that your dryer is resting on even ground using a level. Then try removing any objects from the drum and running the machine empty. If there are still noises, the problem may be a mechanical issue. Our friends at Sears Parts Direct offer helpful hints so you can easily diagnose and fix the problem.

dryer making noise or vibrating

Potential Fixes


Replace the Blower Fan Blade

The blower fan blade is responsible for circulating warm air through the dryer and is attached to the drive motor shaft. A damaged or loose fan blade can cause rattling or banging noises while the dryer is operating.


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Learn more about replacing the dryer blower fan blade from Sears Parts Direct.

Dryer Blower Fan Blade

Dryer Drum Support Roller

Repair or Replace the Drum Support Rollers

Problems with the dryer drum support rollers will be apparent if the drum doesn't rotate smoothly. Issues with the dryer drum support rollers can sometimes be aleviated by adjusting the drive motor shaft or adjascent fasteners. If the rollers themselves are sticking or noisy, they need to be replaced.


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Replace the Idler Pulley, Bracket and Tension Spring

The idler pulley, bracket and tension spring provide the tension necessary for turning the drive belt which rotates the drum. Issues with any of these components can cause squeaking noises or restrict the movement of the drum. Replacment pulleys, brackets and tension springs can be found individually or as a kit, so you can replace as many or as few parts as necessary.


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Dryer Idler Pulley, Spring and Bracket

Dryer Drum Glide Bearing

Replace the Drum Glide Bearing

Another component that helps the drum rotate is the drum glide bearing. It is located towards the front of the drum or on the front panel of the appliance. This plastic component can become worn down over time and should be replaced if broken or damaged.


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Replace the Drive Motor

The dryer drive motor is one in a series of components that turn the dryer drum. It's also responsible for rotating the blower fan blade on many models. An underperforming or damaged drive motor can be noisy or cause other components to function improperly. While wire harness connections on the motor can be repaired, the motor itself cannot and must be replaced if it doesn't run when voltage is applied.


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Dryer Drive Motor

Dryer Drum Felt Seal

Replace the Drum Felt Seal

There are two dryer drum felt seals located at the front and the back of the dryer drum. They help to prevent warmed air from leaking out of the appliance and also facilitate a smooth gliding motion when the drum is spinning. By removing the top panel, you can easily inspect the felt seals to determine if they are damaged.


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