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Product Insight: Kenmore Elite HE Top-Load Washers


Kenmore Elite HE Top-Load Laundry

These models are loaded with innovation, performance and convenience features that make them a winning choice.

Product Details

Kenmore Elite 5.2 cu. ft. Top-Load Washer w/ Steam & Accela-Wash in White

Kenmore Elite 5.2 cu. ft. Top-Load Washer w/ Steam & Accela-Wash in Metallic Gray

Allergen Cycle — Uses the power of steam and additional water to remove more than 95% of common household allergens, like dust mites and pet dander, from even the most delicate fabrics.

Deep Wash Cycle — Automatically adds more water to the tub for high wash and rinse efficiency with the simple push of a button.

Steam Treat® — Virtually eliminates the need to pre-treat stains by tackling common tough, set-in messes with the deep cleaning power of steam.1

1Based on four common stains tested on Heavy Duty cycle with Steam Treat option.

2Source: The Allergist Report, Published by the American College of Asthma, Allergy, and Immunology.

3Per NSF International Protocols, P172 – Sanitization Performance of Residential Washing Machines.

Ask an Expert

Why is the Allergen Cycle an important feature?

Asthma and other allergic diseases have become much more common in the United States in the last 40 years. These diseases affect 40 to 50 million people — that’s more than 20% of the population. Asthma alone has more than tripled over the past 25 years and affects more than 22 million people.2

Why is Deep Wash Cycle an important feature?

Although Kenmore HE top-load washers are designed to get clothes clean using less water, there are times when you may want more water, like when washing large, bulky items. The Deep Wash cycle will give you a deeper water wash when desired.

Why is Steam Treat an important feature?

You can save money by purchasing fewer detergent products. With Steam Treat, you don’t need to pre-treat stains with sprays or sticks to get the results you need. Steam Treat also saves time by virtually eliminating the need to pre-treat laundry before washing.

Why is the Sanitize with Oxi Cycle an important feature?

When you want to sanitize items to NSF standards, you can simply add bleach while using the Sanitize with Oxi cycle. The cycle doesn’t require an internal water heater or extra-hot temperatures, so you’ll also save energy.