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Product Insight: Samsung Front-Load Washers

Samsung Add Wash Washers

Samsung Front-Load Washers with AddWash

This front-load washer Samsung is built with a sophisticated design and dependable, convenient features. The washer features Samsung AddWash™, which enables you to easily add a garment to the washer after the cycle has started.

Product Specifications

5.0 Cu. Ft. Samsung Front-Load Washer with AddWash in Black Stainless Steel: #46885

Samsung AddWash: Enables you to conveniently add garments after the cycle has begun. This door-in-door feature helps you save time and energy — if you forget to add a garment and the cycle has already started, you won't have to wash an additional load of laundry.

5.0 Cu. Ft. Capacity: Largest 27"-wide front-load washer in the industry.2 This helps you get more laundry done in less time.

Super Speed Option: Completes a full load 50% faster than the normal Samsung wash cycle with no loss of cleaning performance.

PowerFoam™: Optimizes HE detergent performance to penetrate and cleanse fabric more deeply.

Steam Wash: Uses the power of steam to eliminate stains without the need to pretreat laundry.

Direct Drive Motor: Works without belts or gears, which makes the washer quiet and durable.

1,300 RPM Maximum Spin Speed: Helps eliminate moisture in clothes so they're ready for the dryer.

14 Preset Wash Cycles and 13 Wash Options: Virtually any option and cycle needed for your active family.

VRT (Vibration Reduction Technology) Plus™: VRT provides quiet, smooth operation - this washer is even quiet enough for installation on a second floor. VRT Plus is even better - it reduces noise 40% more than standard VRT.1

Self Clean+: Keeps the washer tub clean and free of odors.

Smart Care: You can troubleshoot problems from your smartphone so you can get solutions quickly and easily.

Swirl Drum: This drum is designed with small holes to help prevent fabric from getting caught and damaged.

1Based on Owens Corning sounds power testing.

2Compared to pre-2004 conventional top-load.

3Saves 25% of energy based on U.S. Department of Energy standard test. Electric dryer only.

4Based on USDOE/EPA listing.  

Check It Out

Pair this washer with Samsung's Front-Load Dryer

7.5 Cu. Ft. Large Capacity Front-Load Dryer in Black Stainless Steel: #96885 (Gas), #86885 (Electric)

Stainless Steel Drum: Built with style and durability, and the stainless steel retains heat to aid in drying.

14 Preset Drying Cycles and 12 Options: This dryer provides a variety of cycles and options to meet the requirements of each unique laundry load.

Dual Heaters: The dryer alternates between two heaters, resulting in less overall energy usage when drying at lower temperatures.

Vent Sensor: Dryer venting can become clogged with lint, making the dryer run less efficiently. Samsung's Vent Sensor feature detects duct blockages and reminds you to clean your laundry vent. It will even forward these alerts to your smartphone!