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10 Things You Should Never Put in Your Washer - Sears

10 Things You Should Never Put in Your Washer

things you should never put in your washer

If you ever lose your keys, some spare change or even your phone, it’s possible that you might find either or all of these items in your washer. Combined with small or delicate clothing, there are a lot of things that could potentially ruin or damage your machine if they find their way inside. Here are 10 things you should never put in your washer.

1. Keys
Your keys can scratch the inside of the washer and even spoil the drum. They can also short-circuit inside which brings bigger issues your way. Repairing a washer is an expensive affair so don’t forget to keep things in place when you get home.

2. Coins
Metal objects like coins can damage the drum of your machine and shatter the door panel. Small coins can get stuck in the filter and pipes, leading to all sorts of problems.

3. Too much detergent
Putting excess detergent in your washer can affect the sensitivity of the control panel and too much fabric softener can also spoil your clothes. Detergent residue can build up and stain your apparel while leading to bad odors in the machine.

4. Lingerie
All that pretty lingerie can be quite damaging when it comes into contact with the sensitive mechanism of a washing machine. The hooks and wires in your underwear can catch in the drum, thus causing severe internal issues. Put these items in a mesh wash bag to keep them contained.

5. Too much laundry
Putting too many clothes into the washer can cause an overload which in turn ruins the suspension and the bearings of the machine. Also, when everything is stuffed inside, there’s hardly any room for your clothes or linens to move freely and get washed properly.

washer mid cycle

6. Shoes

A strong water cycle can shrink your very expensive running shoes or even reduce the plush support they offer for your feet. The tumbling or agitating can also damage and scuff synthetic and natural materials. It is better to wash them by hand.

7. Flammable stains

A flammable stain like gasoline on your shirt is not compatible with a washing machine. It can cause a fire or an explosion which results in worse consequences for your home. Make sure to treat these stains safely by hand prior to tossing in the washing machine.

8. Pet hair

Your cute little fluff balls are definitely shedding all over the house but it’s up to you to make sure none of that hair is getting into the machine. Pet fluff can lump together and stick to the walls of the washing cylinder while also blocking your drain pipes.

9. Rubber mats

A rubber mat will only break down inside a washer and can end up ruining the pump if a large amount of that rubber gets past the filter of the machine.

10. Tiny items

Extremely small items like baby socks will end up getting stuck in the vents or hoses of your machine. This in turn will cause a flood because your washer won’t be able to drain out all that water. Put these pieces of clothing in a mesh bag for the duration of the wash or rinse them by hand.