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Washer Having Temperature Issues? All the Easy Fixes You Need to Know

Washer Having Temperature Issues? All the Easy Fixes You Need to Know


When you need to get your clothes extra clean, using hot water is often the way to go. On the other hand, some clothes are better washed on cold. If you set your washing machine to a certain temperature and it doesn't work, you want to find a solution so you can clean your clothes properly. Assuming your water heater is working as it should be, our friends at Sears PartsDirect have some tips you can try to find a fix for a washing machine that delivers water at the wrong temperature.

washer temperature issues

Potential Fixes


Replace the Temperature Selector Switch

The temperature selector switch is what allows you to determine the temperature of the water that the washing machine uses. Dysfunctional contacts in the temperature selector switch can cause your washing machine to fill with water that is a different temperature from the set preference.  


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Learn more about replacing water temperature switch in a direct-drive top-load washer from Sears PartsDirect.


Washer temperature selector switch

Washer temperature control board

Replace the Electronic Temperature Control Board

The electronic temperature control board contains a temperature sensor that monitors the water temperature entering the drum. This control board controls the water inlet valves to open and close to properly fill the washing machine with water at the set temperature. If the electronic temperature control board fails, the washing machine will be unable to determine the temperature of the water inside or adjust as needed.  


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Replace the Water Inlet Valve Assembly

The water inlet valve assembly includes a series of water valves that control the fill function of your washing machine. These valves electrically open and close based on how much water and the set temperature of water is needed in the drum. If one or more of these water valves fail to open, your washing machine may not fill with water at the desired temperature.


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Washer water inlet valve assembly

Washer main control board

Replace the Main Electronic Control Board

The main electronic control board is key to your entire machine. This motherboard controls every single function of your washer, including the agitator and spin basket. When the component gets damaged or has lost a connection, you'll need to replace it to keep the machine running.

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Learn more about how to replace an electronic control board in a top-load washer or front-load washer from Sears PartsDirect.